3 Quick Tips for Preventing Commercial Roof Leaks Caused by Winter Weather

Commercial roof leaks can be extremely damaging. They can be expensive to repair, they can cause damage to things inside your building and they can even bring business operations to a halt. A roof leak during the winter is not an issue you want to have – the good thing is most are preventable.

A little effort invested to prevent a leak from happening can pay off significantly by preventing costly leak repairs in the future. This is why we stress to our clients about the importance of being proactive and investing in preventative maintenance. It will save you money and the hassle of roofing issues over the long term. Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing your roof is unlikely to sprout a leak.

Here are three quick tips for preventing commercial roof leaks caused by winter weather:

Get a roof inspection prior to winter

We cannot stress this enough. Being proactive about your commercial roof is so important to prevent leaks and other issues. Getting your roof inspected by a professional before winter allows for a thorough review of your roof structure. If a potential issue or source for a leak is identified, it can be addressed before a leak can occur during the winter. This will prevent to potential damage that could occur once the weather gets cold.

Check on your roof regularly

Stressing the importance of being proactive, it’s important to keep an eye on your roof over the winter. Make sure to check your roof regularly to ensure everything is as it should be. Make sure eaves and drainage are clear of obstructions, there is not excessive ice build-up and no new damage has appeared. All it takes is one big winter storm to cause damage to your roof and create a new source for water to get inside your roof and create a leak.

Remove excessive snow and ice

Snow and ice can build up, especially if your area receives a lot of snow in a short period of time. This extra weight will place additional stress on your roof. It could also cause damage and make it more likely for a leak to occur, especially if the water cannot be properly drained. Remove the excessive snow and ice offer your roof, eaves, and downspouts. This will remove the stress off your roof and reduce the odds of a leak developing.