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Tar And Gravel / Built-Up Roofing System

Built-Up Roofs consist of multiple layers of tar and felt paper are sandwiched together forming an extremely strong and waterproof surface. Most systems consist of 4-plys, which extends the life of the roof as the top layers begin to fail after many years. Gravel is spread across the top of the roof to protect the underlying tar from harmful UV rays.

Some advantages of 4-Ply Roofing include:

  • Resistant to high foot traffic
  • Puncture resistant
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Tear resistant
4-ply / Built-up Roof

As with any roof system, proper installation will determine the actual service life of the roof. We have seen built-up roofs fail after 5 years and last up to 30 years.

4-Ply / Tar And Gravel System Setup

White gravel option available which offers additional cooling benefits to your building

Built-Up Roof System

Signs that your current Built Up Roof needs to be replaced

An upward, elongated tenting displacement of a roof membrane frequently occurring over insulation or deck joints. Ridging may be an indication of movement within the roof assembly

A rupture (generally linear) or tear in a material or membrane resulting from tensile forces.

A small bubble or blister in the flood coating of an aggregate-surfaced built-up roof membrane.

An enclosed pocket of air, which may be mixed with water or solvent vapor, trapped between impermeable layers of felt or membrane, or between the membrane and substrate.

Detachment of a uniform layer of a coating or surface material, usually related to internal movement, lack of adhesion, or passage of moisture.


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