5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Commercial or Industrial Roof for the Winter Season

One of the most important areas of any commercial or industrial building is the roof. The roof is one of the largest and impactful structures. It’s also one companies tend to overlook because it’s out of sight, and many companies wait for issues to arise before addressing roofing issues. This is not an ideal approach.

However, you can save your company time, money, and the headache of preventable commercial roofing issues by winterizing your roof before the snow and freezing temperatures arrive. Regular roof maintenance can go a long way to preserving your roof and limiting roofing issues.

Here are 5 effective steps you can take to prepare your commercial or industrial roof for the upcoming winter season:

Roof Inspection

It is recommended that all companies have their commercial building roofs inspected on a regular basis by a professional. Ideally, you will have it inspected in the fall and again in the spring, after winter. Having your roof inspected before the winter season allows you to not only assess the state of your roof, but also repair issues and replace your roof if necessary.

Inferred Roof Scan

Sometimes issues exist that cannot be seen by the naked eye. There can be a lot going on under the top surface of your roof. This is why it’s recommended to conduct a thermal scan on your roof. The scan allows you to see the areas where energy and water leaks exist. Addressing these issues before winter will strengthen your roof and improve efficiency.

Roof Repair

Depending on the age and state of your roof, a roof repair may be in order. If your roof is in need of repairs, even minor repairs, it’s important to do so before winter. The winter weather and freezing conditions can create additional and more expensive issues. A minor repair can turn into a major repair over the winter months.

Roof Replacement

We know you want to get the most out of your roof. A replacement is an expensive investment. But don’t tempt fate and try to eke out one more winter. If your roof needs a replacement, do it now, before winter creates even more damage. Repairs and replacements during winter are more costly and time consuming. Save money and the hassle by being proactive.

Winterize Roof Elements

Winterizing is recommended and is part of a regular commercial roof maintenance program. Winterizing the more vulnerable areas of your roofing system is important to protect your roof. Winterizing your roofing includes checking the surface, the insulation, replacing caulking where needed, checking the flashing, and ensuring gutters and water displacement systems are working correctly.