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roof leaking when snow melts
Roofs are designed to protect your home from the elements such as heavy rain, strong winds and snow. However our roofs are not necessarily impervious to leaks and other forms of damage that can occur, especially when snow melts. When snow accumulates on your roof during the winter months, maintaining your roof can be challenging.
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best commercial roof repair company practices
You might have been disappointed with communication gaps in the past when working with contractors that didn’t follow best commercial roof repair company practices. You may also have been confused about who to contact with specific questions or just felt a lack of accountability in general. Guycan Ltd. is dedicated to changing what you should
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Inspection for Commercial Roof Before Winter
There are many issues that can arise for you and your commercial building during winter. The first line of defence against natural hazards and inclement weather is your roof. Due to this change in weather, your roof may weaken as a result of cold and hot temperatures contracting and expanding it. In the fall or
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In the construction industry, a number of factors have contributed to an unprecedented economic climate causing material shortage for commercial roofing contractors. While unrelated, these factors have collectively slowed roof installations, caused some contractors to shut down, and pushed others to the edge. Roofing Material Shortage: What You Need to Know In addition to the
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good core cut
A core cut is how roofers learn more about your roof’s exact makeup and how to protect it. Industrial roofers drill into your property’s roof to remove a sample of each layer, right down to the roof’s deck.   Why You Should Consider a Core Cut If you have been worrying about your roof, a
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Look above and you will witness love quite profane. It’s there right above you, it’s your devoted roofing membrane. No snow, no wind nor rain to cause you pain. A forgotten protector who will never complain. Keeping away issues and keeping you sane. But this protector can struggle and often take strain. Yes the life
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Harsh Winter Commercial Flat Roof
In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), flat roof damage is a common effect of the harsh winter weather for commercial flat roof and residential flat roof properties. It is important to understand these factors and how to minimize any future damages. How Weather Conditions Affect Your Roof: Sudden Changes in Temperature Toronto winters consist of
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Guycan Stay Home Covid 19 flat roof contractor
We want to assure you that all of us at Guycan Ltd. are doing everything we can to keep our employees, customers and the communities we serve safe.
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During these difficult times Guycan is proud to help our local families in need with a nutritious meal for the Holidays.  We wish you all a warm and safe Holiday Season. If you would also like to help local families in need during this Holiday Season, and together we can make one more family happy.
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Commercial Roof Inspection
Your roofing contractor will suggest the appropriate interval for roof maintenance based on your property, geographic location, roofing system, roofing system age and other factors. At a minimum, you’ll want to have it inspected and maintained twice a year and after major storms. The older your roofing system, the more you need to have it