Inspection for Commercial Roof Before Winter

Fall Inspection for Commercial Roof Before The Winter Season

There are many issues that can arise for you and your commercial building during winter. The first line of defence against natural hazards and inclement weather is your roof. Due to this change in weather, your roof may weaken as a result of cold and hot temperatures contracting and expanding it. In the fall or before the snow arrives, you should have your commercial roof inspected by a professional. With this plan, you will be able to plan for snow removal and address any roofing repairs necessary at this time.

Regular inspections and maintenance are much more cost-effective than fixing things as they break. A roof that is proactively maintained will generally last longer than one that isn’t maintained or is only inspected a few times a year.

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your commercial roof for winter. If you have a flat roof, you could experience problems such as membrane damage, clogged drains, ponding water or debris, which can all lead to leaks during the winter. Eventually, leaks may impact the integrity of the entire building, making its repair much more difficult and expensive. By understanding the risks and conducting an extensive roof inspection beforehand, these leaks can be completely avoided.

So how can you prepare your commercial roof for the winter?

Keep Up With Your Roof’s History

When it comes time to preparing your roof for winter, knowing how old it is and what its maintenance history is extremely useful. Your roof contractor will be able to provide you with a more accurate assessment if you provide this information. Even though you can detect some signs of potential roof issues, it’s best to consult a professional. A roofing contractor will be better able to identify problems with the roof structure.

Schedule An Inspection

An inspection of your commercial roof is especially important in the fall. Regular inspections will catch small problems before they become larger and more expensive problems in the future. The maintenance of your roof is also necessary to maintain its warranty in most cases.

Perform Recommended Repairs

Upon completion of the inspection, it is vital that you make the recommended repairs to your commercial roof.

Roof Cleaning

A roof contractor must ensure that debris is not on your roof or gutters during your inspection. These items include garbage, leaves, and branches etc. You should have your roofing contractor remove everything that isn’t supposed to be there.

Look At Your Roof’s Surroundings

You should keep an eye out for surrounding trees and limbs that may hang over your roof. A building can be damaged by falling branches when snow adds weight to them.

Preparation is the key to keeping your roof and building safe during the winter. Whether it’s an emergency or removing snow, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Get in touch with us today for more information about our fall roof inspection.