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Green Roofing System

Green roofs create buildings and developments that heal rather than harm the environment. A vegetative roof structure can become a net producer of energy, clean water and air; be a part of healthy human and biological communities.

How has Green Roof helped the environment:

  • Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Removes air particulates, and produces oxygen
  • Reduce and slow stormwater runoff in urban environments
  • Reduce ambient noise inside and outside the building
  • Lower your heating and cooling costs
  • Creates a fire-resistant layer
  • Adds inherent value to the building

Vegetative roofs provide a fresh approach with visually appealing organic architecture

Simple Green Roof Setup

LEED and Energy Star Certified

A Green Roof intercepts and delays rainfall runoff by:

Capturing and holding precipitation in the plant foliage

Absorbing water in the root zone

Slowing runoff as it infiltrates through the layers of vegetated cover


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