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2-PLY / Modified Bitumen Systems

Considered a “hybrid” system, Modified Bitumen provides the features of a built-up roof with the added tensile strength and elongation of a mod-bit cap sheet. There is also a higher quality assurance of in-plant membrane fabrication and control. Mod-bit is quickly gaining in popularity due to reduced labor costs and the high qual ty of the completed roofing system.

Advantages of Modified Bitumen:

  • Proven track record of performance
  • Superior waterproofing characteristics
  • Highly resistant to foot traffic
  • High tensile-strength
  • Competitive life-cycle cost
  • Available with flame-free and VOC-free installation
  • Long-term warranties are available with many MB systems
modified bitumen roof - guycan

Asphalt roofs have been successfully installed for over 100 years.

Modified Bitumen
System Setup

High quality assurance and weather resistant.


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