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Flat Roofing Company

The Best Scarborough Flat Roofing Company for all commercial & industrial roof replacement, repair and maintenance service

Since 1976, Guycan Ltd., Scarborough's trusted flat roofing company, has consistently tackled every challenge with a blend of innovation and expert craftsmanship in commercial roofing

As the technology for commercial and industrial flat roofs has advanced, Guycan Ltd. has adapted and evolved to maintain reputation as Scarborough's best flat roofing company.


Well, on top of being a trusted Scarborough flat roofing company for over 45 years, we also offers

save on your flat roof

Cost Effective Solutions

Compared to other flat roofing methods offered by other Scarborough flat roofing company, both our full tear-off and overlay options offer significantly lower total life-cycle costs.

sustainable flat roof

Sustainable Roofing

Our white PVC flat roof solution offers tangible energy savings year-round, certified by EnergyStar and recyclable after its long lifespan.

25 year commercial roofing warranties

Guaranteed Warranties

Guycan sets the standard in the flat roofing inustry with warranties spanning from 5 to 25 years, ensuring our commitment to every square foot we install.