good core cut


A core cut is how roofers learn more about your roof’s exact makeup and how to protect it. Industrial roofers drill into your property’s roof to remove a sample of each layer, right down to the roof’s deck.


Why You Should Consider a Core Cut

If you have been worrying about your roof, a core cut can relieve you of any stress and unanswered questions such as:

· Is your current roof up to code?

· Is the existing roof actually the original roof, with a new roof laid over it?

o If yes, most building codes do not permit, “re-roofing.” A process done by removing only the top layer of the roof.

The roof layers not only represent the roof’s history, but its probable future. A professional industrial roofer can take one look at the core and provide you with an estimate on your roof’s lifespan. From here, you are able to budget the cost of the roof replacement.


Inside the Core

Instead of peeling back an entire section of your building’s roof, a core cut will sample the top surface, subsurface, insulation, and more so that the professional roofers can get an idea of what is wrong and how to fix it.

Here is a list of potential issues and factors that an industrial roofer can identify from a core cut:

· The approximate age of your roof

· The deck’s total number of layers

· If your roof contains hazardous materials such as: asbestos, flammable solvents and adhesives, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

· The exact composition, thickness, density and weight of each layer

· The slope of your roof- was it accomplished by constructing the deck itself to the slope, or through tapered insulation?

· Wet insulation or subsurface layers, with water pooling and moving by capillary action through your roof


A Good Core

A core cut that goes deep into your roof deck, gives you a look at the deck much easier than one would see by trying to work your way up, from within your building.

Is the deck: poured-in-place concrete, prefabricated concrete panels, wood sheathing or steel